Beard Oil? For what?

The first time I heard about beard oil, I was very skeptic about it. “For what do I need oil on my beard? Isn’t it enough to just leave it as it is and comb from time to time if necessary?”.
Well, it is. But why then guys all around are using beard oil?
It happens that if you want a beard, you can just grow one, but if you want to grow a healthy and glowing full beard, no falling hair, no dry skin, no itchiness, then you need to condition it, and one of the best ways to do it, is with a beard oil. It also helps to moisturise and hydrate the skin beneath the beard.

But what is in a beard oil that makes my beard better? A bunch of different oils, each one with a reason and a purpose, that helps to make your beard and facial skin healthier. Let’s meet the oils used on the TrueGentsCo. Beard Oils.

Hemp Oil
It’s rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, which are quickly and easily absorbed by the skin and hair. It also has Vitamin E in it, and helps the skin to retain moisture. Is one of the most – if not THE most – important oils in our beard oil blend.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Quickly absorbed by the skin and hair, rich in oleic acid and Vitamin E, helps dry skin to come back to life and also soften and strengthen the hair.

Sweet Almond Oil
Rich in protein, makes the hair as strong as it can get, preventing falling and breaking.

Avocado Oil
Also rich in protein and good fats, makes your beard strong and full.

Castor Oil
This is one of our “secrets weapons”, since it’s not only rich in Vitamin E, minerals and proteins, but also contains antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. And that not being enough, it also helps to prevent ingrown hairs, increases blood flow and open your clogged pores. Castor Oil makes our beard oil so powerful, that some guys (including me), use it also on the head hair, preventing also dandruff.

Jojoba Oil
Many studies say it’s great because imitates the natural sebum, the natural skin oil. It also leaves a great shine on your hair, since it sits on top of the hair, instead of being quickly absorbed as the other oils. It also has a great shelf life, which makes your beard oil last even more.

So, there it is. Not one, but six good reasons to use the TrueGentsCo. Beard Oil. Choose your scent and grab your beard oil now.

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