Probably like me, you were born in an era where things were NOT made to last. As we see all around, whenever something new comes out, people jump into it and forget and throw away the previous version. Clothes, electronics, gadgets, accessories, gear… everything seems to be disposable, doesn’t it?

And this is the same era, where for some weird reason, being a man is synonymous of being rude, chauvinist… as we hear from women all over the globe, “gentlemen are a rare breed nowadays”. And you know what? They are right.

For some reason I started missing this old era, where things were made with pride, to last, where men would be just men and proud of it, taking care of their own business, of their ladies, fixing things instead of throwing them away. And that’s why I decided to create the True Gents Co. Don’t be mistaken by the categories of products you will find in this website, because True Gents Co. is not a brand of grooming products, nor gear or accessories. True Gents Co. is a gentlemen’s brand, whatever that means. So, for now, we are having some grooming products, some accessories, gear and so, but this line of products will evolve, change with time, and we will always have the products that are meant to be part of a real man’s everyday carry.

So, take that proud back. Be a man. Take care of yourself, use stuff that makes you proud to use, treat your lady as she deserves and treat yourself as you deserve. Embrace your manhood.

I hope you stick around and feel free to reach me whenever you have a question.

Welcome to the club.