Morning routine for grooming your beard

Once in a while a customer or friend might ask me about my morning routine for my beard, or even the best process to take care of it.

Of course I always explain about the products that they might use, but knowing about those products is not enough. Guys out there must know how to use them, when to use them, how to clean and take care of your beard, so here are the steps I take every morning to groom my beard.

First the don’ts.
Do not wash it with too hot water. Hot water will dry your skin and beard, and make it weak and chapped. Instead, use room temperature or cold water to wash your beard.

Also, do not wash with just any soap. Of course, any soap is better than none when washing your beard, but the difference here is that a normal soap was made for your body skin, and it might have components that will dry your beard and even might clog your hair follicles. Instead, use a proper natural beard wash soap, with no chemicals, but with some good oils and butters, which will not only clean, but also condition your beard hair, treat your follicles and moisturize and nourish your facial skin.

Do not dry it with a blow dryer. The heat and wind speed of a hairdryer will also dry your beard and skin, creating split ends and just a weak hair. Instead, just use a towel and massage your beard and dry it that way. Make sure to not pull the hairs away nor make too much pressure when using the towel. You DON’T need your beard to be bone dry. It just needs to be dry enough so you can apply your oils.

(This one is a bit controversial: a friend of mine, for example, has a big beard  and he goes to the gym every morning and do not have time to dry it with a towel. He cannot also leave the gym with half humid beard, because with such temperatures as -20° C (-4° F), it will freaze his beard or make him sick. So in his case, I recommend drying it with a towel as much as you can, apply the beard oil all over the beard and make sure it’s well coated, and THEN use the hairdryer. That way, the oil will protect the hair and skin to not get in full contact with the high temperature and high speed of the blow dryer.

There are many reasons why you should comb and brush your beard other than styling it. Here are some:

  • Helps to separate the hairs before applying beard oil.
  • Helps to spread the oil after applying it, making sure every hair gets well coated by it
  • Stimulates the facial skin, improving blood flow
  • Stimulates hair follicles, which will provide a stronger growth
  • Increases the temperature of your skin, opening the pores

Some don’ts for brush and comb:

  • Do not use narrow teeth combs, which might pull the beard hairs out
  • Do you know those small plastic combs that a lot of those new hyped beard companies sell in a small pack? Don’t use them as well. Plastic causes static in your beard, and is just not good for the environment
  • Do not wash your brush. It will soak the bristles with water and it won’t let the oil penetrate on it. The good part of allowing some beard oil to penetrate the bristles of the brush, is that the brush hair itself will get smoother and also help to spread the oil when brushing your beard

Some trimming is always good to get rid of some split ends, and to style your beard in general. Do not use a electrical machine, though. They tend to create even more split ends, and is harder to control as well. A good barber scissors will do the trick much better. Also, do NOT trim your beard after shower. When your beard is wet or semi wet, it gets longer, which will trick you to trim more than you should. So make sure your beard is quite dry before you start your trimming.

That is an important one, innit? Use your beard oil everyday to feed your beard hair and facial skin, your beard balm once in a while to condition the hair, and the beard wax to style and keep it nice. A well moisturized facial skin and beard hair will keep it strong, prevent hair loss, dandruff and itch. If you choose the right beard oil, it will prevent bacterias and fungus as well.

By the way, why not get a beard grooming box with the beard oil, beard balm and beard wax, get a sweet discount and be set for many months?

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