Packaging and Shipping – Organic, ecological and smart

When creating an online retail business, there are many ways to do different things, and I have been learning a lot those last months about packaging and shipping. Before I started TrueGentsCo., I had no idea that packaging and shipping could be such a hassle, but also so interesting. After creating the first line of products and shipping the first orders, I realised how much material I was using on each product. Container of the product, box for the product, label for this box, box for the shipping, label for that box, envelope with bubble plastic protection, or plastic foam paper for protection inside the box, it was so much stuff.

After moving to Estonia though, I started becoming more conscious about recycling, eco-friendly products and a more healthy and smart way of life in general. So when I started packing and shipping the first orders, I realised how much waste I was making, all the plastic and not environmentally friendly materials that I was using on my packages, and I knew that the customers would probably just throw them away right away.

Then I remembered about a documentary or a video on youtube I watched months ago, about a girl that would live her life without creating trash. I mean, zero trash. She would buy stuff from the open market, bring her own eco-bag, buy only stuff that comes without a package, and so on. I remember that all the trash she produced on the past 2 years would fit in a small jar, like those half-litre jars with a metal lid on it. And at the time, I thought she was a nutter. Who can live like that?

So I decided to search about her again, and I found out that she is called Lauren Singer and she has actually opened a company called The Simply Co., where she produces and sells organic laundry powder detergent, and where she applies all the same principles of “no-trash” as well. She uses only biodegradable and eco-friendly materials on her ingredients and packaging. And that inspired me to do the same.

As our products are already made with organic and eco-friendly ingredients, I decided “why not do the same with our packaging?”. We are gonna start step by step, researching what are the best solutions for each case, and start making small and big changes throughout the process. One example will be to change the caps of our beard oils from plastic to metal, which is a more friendly material to the environment, and also not using bubble plastic in our shipping boxes, but instead, the paper version of it, which is as effective as the plastic one, but won’t create any harm to the planet.

So, there you go. Maybe this will also inspire you to live a life with less trash, and making smart decisions about what you buy and how you buy, so you produce less trash than before.

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