Silvertip animal-cruelty-free Shaving Brush



The TrueGentsCo. Shaving brush is made of silvertip nylon bristles with a quality wooden handle.


Shaving brush for the true gentlemen.

The TrueGentsCo. Shaving brush is made of Silvertip Nylon Bristles with a quality wooden handle. It’s the perfect brush for the true gentleman that likes his shaving old school.

Their stable quality will perform well for wet shavers who like a massaging effect while preparing to shave. It has a soft feel on the face with an exfoliating effect, and helps to create a rich foam. It helps to lift the hair, providing a more smooth shave. Silvertip Nylon is as good as animal bristles, so between those two, choose the animal cruelty free one.

LASTS FOR [6 years in average]
This little shaving brush lasts a long time, because of the quality of the materials used to produce them, and the high standards of Silvertip Nylon bristles implanted on the wooden handler.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 cm
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