The waste generation

We are definitely the generation that produces more trash than ever before.

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and each of us produce a considerable amount of trash every single day. This trash, most probably, will take more than out own life times to disappear, and all this have a consequence on Earth. For some reason, right after we take that trash bag from our bin and throw it to the city collection, we completely forget about it. The problem here is that we are not considering, that sooner or later, we will have to deal with it.

There are many companies that have a goal to recycle and reuse our trash on smart ways, but this is not enough. Not even close. The definitive answer would be to consume smarter. Buying food without packages like fruits, vegetables and more, is already a huge step.

Also, companies need to start using smarter materials and make smarter choices so they don’t produce as much trash, and make their packaging reusable. That’s what we are doing – trying to do – here in TrueGentsCo. Our beard oils for example: we changed the plastic caps for metal caps. We also decided that for our beard balm, beard wax and lip balms, there is no box needed, since they already have their own packaging, the metal tins. And step by step, we will start taking smarted decisions towards a more eco-friendly brand and line of grooming products. This will be achieved by not using paper/plastic labels anymore, and instead, using screen-printed packages. Did you know that paper/plastic labels also end up on land fields, as pure trash? So there you go…

Also, in the future, we plan to have a way for the customer to resend their packages to us, and we will refill them, possibly offering even a lower price for the products.

I invite you all to start taking smarter choices, produce less trash, and clean up this house.


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